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Kimbo Slice Is A Athletic Performer That Is Still Considered At The

Kimbo Slice
Kimbo Slice
Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice is a athletic performer that is still considered at the top if his game. Defeat is not an option for him. Kimbo Slice has some insane arms.. For the latest updates and Kimbo Slice news, check back to Whose Wearing.

Kimbo Films The Scorpion King


Kimbo Slice Scorpion King 3

Apparently, since the cameo of K Slice’s new big time movie, Scorpion King, critics have begun to realize he is a authentic star with many gifts. Over the years, Kimbo Slice has appeared in over 5 movies.

As of late, K-Slice’s manager Mr. Imber tells us they have met with Hollywood star Kevin Connelly to entertain the idea of a film about K Slice’s life. The plan is to make the Mr. Slice bio movie into a epic opening for close fans nationwide. And so, keep an eye out because the Slice movie will be at a theater close by you soon.



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