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Courteney Cox Looks Terrible During Shopping Trip


Courteney Cox was once a very pretty brunette that we all got to adore through the show- “Friends.” However, the actress doesn’t look very pretty these days. In fact, she looked just terrible during a shopping trip with her young daughter in California. You can tell that Courtney Cox has taken to plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures in a big way! Her body is in excellent shape. However, her face is no longer that of Courteney Cox. She looks weird and scary, nothing like the pretty woman she used to be. Are celebrities in Hollywood so bored and vain that they resort to mutilating themselves to hang on to a shred of youth? Do they even realize how truly terrible they really look when they go over board with cosmetic alterations on their faces?

What do all you Whose Wearing Blog readers think? Do you think Courteney Cox looks pretty or do you think she’s ruined her face with too much plastic surgery? Drop your comments here on Whose Wearing Blog!

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